Dr. Heather Evans

Dr. Heather Evans is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Director of Evans Counselling Services, a private group counseling practice in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. She has over 19 years of clinical experience, with a specialization in women’s issues, particularly sexual trauma, sex trafficking, and aftercare of its victims.  Heather received a Doctor of Clinical Social Work degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her dissertation highlighted complex trauma and post-traumatic growth in victims of domestic sex trafficking.  Heather is Co-founder of VAST (Valley Against Sex Trafficking) Coalition in the Lehigh Valley, PA.  She is devoted to training and equipping service providers.  In 2013, Heather received the Allied Professional Award from Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley for outstanding commitment to victims’ services.  Heather is an Adjunct Professor of Global Trauma Recovery Institute of Missio Theological Seminary and travels and leads trips nationally and internationally, with the goal of partnering with and training trauma healing caregivers.

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