Voices of Survivors Project

The Voices of Survivors Project is a platform for survivors of human sex trafficking or other forms of violence to express their lived experiences as survivors through photography.

About Voices of Survivors Project

The Voices of Survivors Project came from a dissertation study conducted to directly highlight the voices of survivors and their expressed experiences, especially after separation from the trafficker.

Seven women participated in this Photovoice study, six providing eligible photos. They were instructed to take or gather as many pictures as they wanted over 30 days, with the only limitation of no identifying information, such as faces. The prompt given was to take pictures and share a caption that expresses their experiences as a survivor.

The participants then participated in a focus group to together discuss the shared themes and messages of their pictures. Finally, they were asked how they wanted to share these photos with others. They collectively expressed they wanted a national and global reach to learn through their photo journey.

Thus, the Voices of Survivors Project became a transportable exhibit, accompanying photo book, and social media, the fruit of their feedback and their willingness to share their experiences through these photographs. The exhibit contains the submitted photos of each participant, who also chose their identifying name or number displayed throughout the study.

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Proceeds for this project will be donated to national/global organizations helping survivors of human trafficking.


Voices of Survivors Project: Volume 1


Voices of Survivors Project, Lehigh Valley: Volume 2


Voices of Survivors Project, Lehigh Valley: Volume 3


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