#ChurchToo Through the Lens of Trauma

#ChurchToo is a social media movement that illuminates abuse in church or ministry environments. The movement enables survivors to “advocate, share their stories, and connect with one another using the hashtag #ChurchToo.”

Dr. Evans and Hannah Wildasin’s article in the Journal of Urban Mission takes a look at sexual abuse in the church.

From the article: “Trauma has capacity to shape and to shatter meaning. When this abuse is perpetrated by a spiritual authority figure, there is devastating impact on the victim and the victim’s relationship with God. How can a child think of a heavenly Father as good and safe if that same child is abused by a “Father” or spiritual authority at their church or school? They will inevitably see God through the lens of abuse. They have learned about faith, hope, trust, and love through the experience of sexual abuse.”

As we understand the systems that enable, the comprehensive impact of trauma and the role of the church in the healing journey, “may the Church reclaim its identity and mission to be light in dark places.”

Read the full article.

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