Monthly Archives: November 2015

On Refugees

Several weeks ago I wrote a reflective response after visiting Congolese refugees in Louisville, Kentucky.  Little did I know that 2 websites would choose to post this article during such a controversial week on the topic.  I wrote it, considering... Read More

Listening to Trafficking Survivors

I am thankful to Sojourners’ Online Magazine for publishing something I have written:  Listening to Trafficking Survivors This piece includes some reflections of my work with human sex trafficking  survivors in the Lehigh Valley, PA region.  It’s not only a... Read More

“You Ask Good Questions”: the Heart of an Effective Conversation

Recently, more than one person has said. “You ask such good questions. I want to be a person who asks good questions. What questions can I ask to engage my son or daughter? The women in my neighborhood? My counselees?”  ... Read More