fostering trauma-informed communities

Oasis Room

a beacon of healing, a sanctuary in the community, a space for trauma-informed growth

Brown Couch Beside Clear Glass Panel Door

What is the Oasis Room?


To establish a nurturing and trauma-informed environment that promotes holistic healing practices, fostering safe and resilient communities. The ECS Oasis Room envisions itself as a sanctuary within the community, offering a diverse range of holistic options aimed at cultivating trauma-informed, healthy living.


Recognizing that healing from trauma involves the interconnected aspects of mind, body, and spirit, the ECS Oasis Room aims to address the increased demand for mental health services. Acknowledging the challenges of growing waiting lists and limited providers nationwide, we seek to be a proactive part of the solution. By providing groups, workshops, seminars, and other services, our focus is on promoting trauma-informed practices to contribute to the healing and safety of communities.


The ECS Oasis Room aspires to be a beacon of healing, fostering resilience and well-being within the community. By offering a comprehensive array of trauma-informed services, we aim to contribute to the larger mission of creating safer, healthier, and more connected communities

Oasis Room Services

So many possibilities – from workshops to seminars to group classes, all with trauma-informed healing at the focus.


– Men and women’s support groups
– Couples groups
– Teen and children support groups
– Trauma and addiction recovery groups


– Plant-based healing
– Art and pottery therapy
– Music therapy
– Somatic therapy:
— both individual and group sessions focusing on trauma healing through mindful movement and body engagement
— fitness and wellness
— breathing and mindfulness
— massage/bodywork
— trauma-informed yoga


Offering immersive experiences for individuals and groups (4 times/year)


For service providers and community members to enhance understanding and skills in trauma-informed care. (2 times/year)